FAQ on help topics for Photo Album


How to add new Album?

Tap ‘+’ at the top right corner of album list to add new album.ResizedLikeButton

How to add photos to Album?

Swipe from left to right on the album to add photos from plus sign or from the plus sign in the empty album you want to add photos to.

You can also go into the empty album to photos view of the album and tap the plus sign at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Additionally you can also use the share extension of the App to import photos directly from Photos, Files or any other App by tapping the App Icon from share extension of that Source App.

How to edit Album information?

Tap ‘Edit’  at the top left side of the albums list, in edit mode tap the album you want to edit, it will take to the screen to edit album name, album memo and change to private album if needed.ResizedLikeButton

How to delete or reorder Albums?

Tap the ‘Edit’ button at the top left corner of the albums list. In edit mode you can delete the album or reorder by dragging the album by disclosure button found at the right side of the albums.ResizedLikeButton

How to view photos in the Album?

Just tap album title or description to view photos of the album. Tapping cover photo will give option to add photos to album. ResizedLikeButton

How to add photos to the album from the albums list?

On the main albums list screen, swipe the album from left to right, this will display a plus sign at the left of the album, you can use this option to add photos to that album from the main screen.

For new empty albums it displays the plus sign by default, it is not necessary to swipe, you can add photos by tapping that plus sign.

How do I transfer the entire app to new iPhone?

1.  You can use “iCloud Sync Process” at the top left corner of Albums list view, after the process is completed, install the App on the new device and perform “iCloud Sync Process” to restore the entire App data. Please make sure to use the same iCloud account on both the devices.

2. You can also sync App to Dropbox backup, and later install App on new iPhone and restore photos from Dropbox backup.

3. You can also transfer your photos from App on old iPhone -> App on new iPhone using ‘Wi-Fi Sync’ from ‘Share Photos’ option in the App.

4. Backup your iPhone or iPad to your computer and restore new iPhone or iPad from your computer backup, this will transfer the entire app to new iPhone.


How to navigate in photos view of the album?

In photos view, ‘View/Edit/Sort/Delete/Move’  each option helps in causing that behavior for photos in the album, App screen has instructions for further guidance.ResizedLikeButton

How to save photos/videos to Camera Roll?

In photos view ‘Share Photos’ at the center bottom of the screen will present share photos screen, which has option to ‘Save To Camera Roll’.

What is Photo Tags Accuracy % ?

It is the precision of relevant generated tags related to objects in photo.

The higher the accuracy threshold is, the lower the number of generated tags, in some cases it may miss out few relevant tags.

The lower the accuracy threshold is, the higher the number of generated tags, in some cases it may have a few unrelated tags.

Set the appropriate median accuracy threshold % based on your personal preference.



How to move photos to other albums?

In move mode, select the photos you want to move,  drag the selected photos and drop on the destination album at the top view when it turns green.  You can select photos with a single tap or a swipe gesture to select multiple photos.

How to search similar photos?

Just tap the photo you want to search similar photos for after selecting  ‘Search Similar Photos’ option at the top right corner of the view.  It will retrieve similar photos(if any) and have it next to the photo you had tapped.

Why similar photos process has limited processing?

It is limited by number of photos, because it will take a very long time to iterate for each photo in the  album.

How search by people works?

Search by people face is most secure and private process performed from within your device. All photo processing is performed within your device.

Trying that option first time for an album may be a bit time consuming to setup, after initial setup it becomes much faster to process search for consequent searches.


How to change options for Slideshows?

Tap the option at the bottom right corner of the toolbar from slideshows view, it will present options screen, where you can change transition style, transition duration time, and animations or none – to not have animations on slideshows.ResizedLikeButton

How to know if slideshow recording is compatible on your device?

Slideshow recording is available in iOS 9 with compatible devices. Recording option will not be visible in slideshow screen if it is not compatible, it is the easiest way to know if it is available on your device or not. ResizedLikeButton

If device has iOS 9 installed, it is compatible on the following devices.

iPhone 5s

iPhone SE

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s plus

iPad mini 2

iPad mini 3

iPad mini 4

iPad Air

iPad Air 2

iPad Pro

iPod Touch 6th generation

How to live stream slideshows to Facebook or Twitter?

Install Facebook App to live stream slideshows to Facebook, and install Periscope Live Video Streaming App to to live stream slideshows to Twitter timeline. Once installed the option to live stream to Facebook or Twitter will show up in the Live Stream Slideshow options. You should be logged in respective Apps(Facebook or Periscope) to live stream.

How to add facecam and microphone audio?

In the slideshow screen tap the bottom right corner icon and go to ‘Slideshow Options’ screen and turn on Facecam and microphone audio options to add facecam and microphone audio to slideshows recording and live streaming.

Sometimes error messages are persisting when live streaming or recording slideshows in the App, how to fix it?

Restart your device and try again.


How to stop live streaming?

Please tap red ‘Live’ button at the top right corner of the slideshows screen to stop live streaming, it takes few seconds after tapping the button to stop live streaming.

How to stop slideshow recording?

Just tap anywhere in the slideshow screen, a single tap stops the slideshow and also the recording, if recording is successful, it opens recording preview screen to edit and save the recorded video.

How to record and stop manual recording?

You will have to turn the ‘Show Recording Control’ -> On — in the slideshow options screen, this will display a red ‘Rec’ button at the top right corner of the slideshow screen. Tap the red ‘Rec’ button to start recording and tap red ‘Stop’ button to stop manual recording. If the recording is successful, it will display video preview screen to edit and save the recorded video.

Privacy Features 

What is Secret Key and how to get Secret Key from App?

Secret key is an unique generated key for each App installation, it can be used to reset password and passcode.

Please make sure to go to App Privacy Screen, and use “Email Secret Key” button to have it emailed to you, store this security key safely to avoid losing access to App if you happen to forget passcode or password.

You can also “Copy Secret Key” from App privacy screen to store it somewhere safe to avoid losing access in the future.

It is a fail-safe mechanism to avoid losing access to App, please save it somewhere safe and please don’t regret later.

Optionally premium subscribed users can get Secret Key with Face ID validation to reset password or passcode right at the time of resetting it.


How to reset password and passcode in the App?

Use ‘Set or Change Password’ option in the App settings screen, copy and paste Secret Key to reset the password. Optionally premium subscribed users can get Secret Key with Face ID validation.

Use ‘Forgot’ option in the passcode security screen, copy and paste Secret Key to reset the passcode. Optionally premium subscribed users can get Secret Key with Face ID validation.

How to make albums become invisible?

Create private albums, then goto ‘Privacy Settings’ from App Settings view, turn ‘Hide Private Albums’ ON in the privacy settings options. This will make private albums become invisible.

When this ‘Hide Private Albums’ options is ON, create a regular new  album and add photos and rename the album to make it private, and it will instantly become invisible.

How to avoid losing access to photos, if you forget password or passcode?


You can always goto “Privacy Settings’ from App settings and choose “Email Secret Key” to have this secret key sent to your email or “Copy Secret Key” to store it in a safe place,   which you can locate later to reset PIN and Password.

Optionally Premium Subscribed users can get Secret Key with Face ID validation to reset your password or passcode right at the time of resetting it.

How to turn OFF/ON Face ID?

You can turn Face ID OFF or ON from App Settings-> Privacy Settings view.

iCloud Sync Process

Why I can’t find photos in iCloud with iCloud Sync Process?

You can only see how much data App is storing in iCloud and cannot see anything else.

It is a backup from App saved securely in iCloud, it can only be restored using the iCloud Sync Process from the App. It is stored in private database in iCloud and can only accessed from App when iCloud user logged in from the device.


What are the prerequisites to use iCloud Sync Process?

There has to be an active iCloud account logged in from the device, iCloud Drive has to be turned on, and App switch to use iCloud must be turned to have permission to use iCloud. There should be enough storage space in iCloud to backup photos from App.

It will work during free trial period of App and after free trial period, it will only work with active premium subscription.

How do I know if the photos are backed up in iCloud Sync Process?

When photos are backed-up it will have a tiny cloud sign at the bottom right corner of thumbnail image of each backed-up photo. Scroll to your last album to know if all the photos in the App have been backed up.

To make sure restore process works, you can a delete a few photos, and run the iCloud Sync Process, your deleted phots will be restored back from iCloud.

Always make sure to use the same iCloud login account.

What happens if iCloud Sync Process stops before it completes?

You can run the process any number of times you want, it will always start from where it stopped. Also it will only makes necessary changes, like it will only download photos if the photos are not present in App, there will not be any redundant data transfer happen in the process.

How to restore photos with iCloud Sync Process?

Use the same iCloud account that you have used to backup App Photos, run the iCloud sync process, it will restore all the photos back in the App on the same device or to a different device.

For some reasons if the restore process stopped, you can continue to run the process again and it will start restoring from where it stopped before.

How iCloud Sync Process works?

It looks for photos not been backed up and backs up the photos, and on the device looks for photos that is missing and restores it. It does so by smartly identifying what needs to be backed up and what needs to be restored.

There is no redundant data transfer happens with this process. You must use the same iCloud account for backup and restore to work.

Is it possible to keep multiple devices up to date with Sync?

Yes it is possible to use any number of devices to sync with the same iCloud account login. All devices will be kept up to date  without any redundant data transfer happening with this process. Any new photo added in one of the devices will be available on rest of the devices with this process.

How to turn Background Automatic Sync On?

Goto App settings screen and you will find option to turn “Background Automatic Sync” On under iCloud Sync Process. After you turn it on, sync process will be scheduled to run at the optimal time in App background as appropriate by the iOS system. It is triggered by the system mostly when the device is being charged and device is connected to internet.

This process is available during free trial period , after free trial period it will need active premium subscription to be available.

What is Only WiFi Sync?

Because this is data intensive transfer operation over internet, if you turn this option ON from App settings screen, sync process will only work when device is connected to WiFi at home or office and will not use mobile data.

If this option is turned OFF sync process will also work on mobile data. By default this option is turned OFF and needs to be turned ON from App settings screen.

How to sync between two devices?

Sync happens automatically when the device is plugged in, mostly in the night time. You can also manually run the sync  process anytime by using the cloud icon(top-left corner) in the albums view. Once the sync is completed, use the same iCloud account in the next device, and manually run the iCloud sync process or let the automatic process run in the night time. This will keep both the devices synced. You can also sync with multiple devices using the same process.

Safe Share Photos

How to safe share photo album?

Option to safe share photo album is in ‘share Photos’ view – ‘Safe Share’. Album must be synced in iCloud with at least a single photo in the album.

In the safe share view tap “Share With More People” option to invite users, you can only invite users by ‘iMessage’ or ‘Mail’ either by phone number or by email, it should be a valid iCloud active account, email should be actively logged in iCloud in their respective iOS device. All shares can only be accessed on iOS device.

Once invited this view will show a list of users you have invited, you can always ‘Remove Access’ to the user or ‘Stop Sharing’ completely.  Revoking permission only impacts or works if the user had not already dowloaded the photos in the App.

By default the option will be to share with “Only invited people”, do not change this option to “Anyone can”, this will make private share into public share, public shares can be accessed by anyone with this link. Private shares can only accessed by invited people on this view’s list.

How to download safe shared albums in recipient’s device?

If someone has invited you with the link, clicking the link will ask you to download the App if it is not already installed on your device. Open the App to do initial setup. After setting up, click the link sent to you again.

Link will also prompt you to ask if you want to join the share, you should say yes,   then it will launch the App and download the safe shared album.

Can safe shared album be shared or saved in recipients device?

Photos in safe shared albums in recipients App, cannot be shared or saved to the recipients device,  iCloud sync process will ignore all safe shared albums and will not be uploaded to iCloud in the recipients App.

What happens if someone tries to screenshot or screen record photos in safe shared album in recipient’s App?

If someone tries to screenshot a photo in safe shared album in recipient’s App, App will immediately  delete all safe shared albums, and it cannot be downloaded again.

Screen recording photos in the safe shared albums can only record blank screens.

How long safe shared album will be accessible in the recipient’s App?

It will be accessible for 24 hrs to 36 hrs from the time album download in recipients App. App scheduler will wake up and delete all safe shared albums after 24 hrs based on when it was downloaded in recipient’s App.

Please don’t screenshot any photo in the safe shared albums from recipient’s App, it will delete all the safe shared albums in the recipient’s App and it cannot be downloaded again.

Dropbox Sync 

How to sync photos with Dropbox?

Follow the instructions in this sync link  for help with syncing.

How to transfer photos from Free version to Paid version of the App?

You can upgrade the Free version to Pro-Version through In-App purchase, upgrading will remove Ads and limits and can keep all of your photos, this way you don’t have to transfer photos from Free -> Paid version.

But if you have downloaded the Paid version from App Store, and wish to transfer photos from Free version, please follow the steps.

  • Export all the albums in the free version to Dropbox using the options provided in the App.
  • Now from the Paid version of the App, login to Dropbox using the ‘Dropbox Folders Sync’ option in the ‘App Settings’ screen.
  • Using dropbox  desktop App on you computer, login to Dropbox and you will see two directories –

     ‘Photo Album – A Smart Organizer’  for free version, ‘PhotoAlbum – A Smart Organizer’ for paid version.

  • Copy the folders under  ‘Photo Album – A Smart Organizer’  to ‘PhotoAlbum – A Smart Organizer’ in Dropbox.
  • Now from the Paid version of the App on your iDevice, use ‘Dropbox Folders Sync’ option in the ‘App Settings’ screen to import folders.Please read the Sync Help for rest of the information.

What happens if I delete or erase the App?

Because all the photos are stored in the local device, it will Delete all the photos and albums stored in the App. Please Do Not delete to avoid losing access to all your photos.

You can avoid losing photos when deleting the App by backing up your data in Dropbox(cloud service) with Dropbox Export, Import and Sync options from the App.

App Support 

How to contact App support?

Please message to us from Facebook page messenger link http://m.me/smartorganizerios  it needs the most recent FB messenger App to message.

You can also  email us  for App support. Long press on ’email us’ from iPhone or iPad to contact us by email.

*** We will be constantly updating FAQ with topics to make it more helpful.