FAQ on help topics for Photo Album



How to add new Album?

Tap ‘+’ at the top right corner of album list to add new album.ResizedLikeButton

How to add photos to Album?

Tap the green round plus button or cover photo of the album you want to add photos to.ResizedLikeButton

How to edit Album information?

Tap ‘Edit’  at the top left side of the albums list, in edit mode tap the album you want to edit, it will take to the screen to edit album name, album memo and change to private album if needed.ResizedLikeButton

How to delete or reorder Albums?

Tap the ‘Edit’ button at the top left corner of the albums list. In edit mode you can delete the album or reorder by dragging the album by disclosure button found at the right side of the albums.ResizedLikeButton

How to view photos in the Album?

Just tap album title or description to view photos of the album. Tapping cover photo will give option to add photos to album. ResizedLikeButton



How to navigate in photos view of the album?

In photos view, ‘View/Edit/Sort/Delete/Move’  each option helps in causing that behavior for photos in the album, App screen has instructions for further guidance.ResizedLikeButton

How to save photos/videos to Camera Roll?

In photos view ‘Share Photos’ at the center bottom of the screen will present share photos screen, which has option to ‘Save To Camera Roll’.



How to change options for Slideshows?

Tap the option at the bottom right corner of the toolbar from slideshows view, it will present options screen, where you can change transition style, transition duration time, and animations or none – to not have animations on slideshows.ResizedLikeButton

How to know if slideshow recording is compatible on your device?

Slideshow recording is available in iOS 9 with compatible devices. Recording option will not be visible in slideshow screen if it is not compatible, it is the easiest way to know if it is available on your device or not. ResizedLikeButton

If device has iOS 9 installed, it is compatible on the following devices.

iPhone 5s

iPhone SE

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s plus

iPad mini 2

iPad mini 3

iPad mini 4

iPad Air

iPad Air 2

iPad Pro

iPod Touch 6th generation


Privacy Features

How to avoid losing access to photos, if you forget password or passcode?

Follow the privacy screen instructions in the App, as fail-safe method to reset password or passcode, if you forget them.

How to turn OFF/ON Touch ID?

You can turn Touch ID OFF or ON from App Settings-> Privacy Settings view.


Dropbox Sync

How to sync photos with Dropbox?

Follow the instructions in this sync link  for help with syncing.

How to transfer photos from Free version to Paid version of the App?

You can upgrade the Free version to Pro-Version through In-App purchase, upgrading will remove Ads and limits and can keep all of your photos, this way you don’t have to transfer photos from Free -> Paid version.

But if you have downloaded the Paid version from App Store, and wish to transfer photos from Free version, please follow the steps.

  • Export all the albums in the free version to Dropbox using the options provided in the App.
  • Now from the Paid version of the App, login to Dropbox using the ‘Dropbox Folders Sync’ option in the ‘App Settings’ screen.
  • Using dropbox  desktop App on you computer, login to Dropbox and you will see two directories –

     ‘Photo Album – A Smart Organizer’  for free version, ‘PhotoAlbum – A Smart Organizer’ for paid version.

  • Copy the folders under  ‘Photo Album – A Smart Organizer’  to ‘PhotoAlbum – A Smart Organizer’ in Dropbox.
  • Now from the Paid version of the App on your iDevice, use ‘Dropbox Folders Sync’ option in the ‘App Settings’ screen to import folders.Please read the Sync Help for rest of the information.


*** We will be constantly updating FAQ with topics to make it more helpful.