Privacy Policy Of Our Apps

We do not collect Personal Data***

We respect the privacy of our users, and Do Not collect any Personal Data, and all user data is stored on the device, and only on the device. When user opts to use the third party service provided by App, use of third party services are subjected to the privacy policy and TOC of the respective service, and by agreeing to use the third party service, user agrees to TOC and Privacy Policy of the third party service. App(s) may provide the following third party services(Dropbox for Sync, iCloud for Sync, Aviary for Editing Photos, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr for Sharing).

App may collect Anonymous Data***

Anonymous data is used for the purpose of  improvising App performance and maintenance. Some of our Free Apps may use anonymous data for the purpose of serving Ads.

*** Personal Data -  Any information that could be used to identify a person or the device of a person.
*** Anonymous Data -  It is unidentifiable information, which can never be used to identify a person or the device of a person.

How to sync photos across iDevices and your computer?

Syncing is done with App’s integration to Dropbox, needs Dropbox account and should use the same account to sync.

Follow these steps to export photos to Dropbox!

1. How to export(or backup) photos to Dropbox?

Just tap the Album from the App main screen, it will take you to thumbnail photos of the album, tap ‘Share Photos’ at the bottom of the screen.

Dropbox Help #1



From sharing screen  tap ‘Dropbox – Export’ button, this will launch photos picker, tap ‘Select photos’ and it will multi-select 75 photos at a time, if a photo has already been exported to Dropbox, it will skip that photo and multi-select the remaining photos.

Dropbox Help #2



Just tap ‘Export Photos’ from Dropbox screen in the App.During export, Album from the App will be created as folder in Dropbox.

Follow these steps to import photos  from Dropbox!

1. How to import folders from Dropbox?

If you want to keep your other device synced with photos exported to Dropbox, go to App Settings screen, and tap ‘Dropbox Folders Sync’, and from Dropbox screen tap ‘Import Folders’, this will create album in the App for each corresponding folder from Dropbox under Apps respective directory.

Dropbox Help #3


2. How to import(or restore) photos from Dropbox? 

Tap the Album from the App main screen, it will take you to thumbnail photos of the album, tap ‘Share Photos’ at the bottom of the screen. From the ‘Share Photos’  screen tap ‘Dropbox- Import’ to import photos.

Dropbox Help 4

Before it imports a photo from Dropbox, it will check to see, if it’s already been imported, and will only import if it is not there in that Album, for example, a photo imported from Dropbox but either deleted or move to a different Album in the App, since that photo is not there with in that Album, it will be imported. If the imported photo is present in the Album, it will be skipped in the import process.

App only recognizes, .JPEG, .JPG and .PNG format files to import .


Please note all the syncing is within the App’s directory in Dropbox.

***Background process is supported for all the export and import process, after initiating a process you can continue to do something else(outside of the App), while the App completes the process in the background***

What other information is synced?

          App syncs Album description, Album Create Date, Album Sort sequence, this happens during import process, it also syncs photo comments and photo created date(photo taken date).

What about the private albums?

That information(that it’s a private album)  is specific within the device, and is not synced across devices, this is left to the discretion of users. So if you export a private album, it will be imported as non-private album in the other device.

How to sync photos from computer?

***You need to have Dropbox client installed in your computer for this***

You can export photos from computer to any of the sub folders within the App’s respective directory in Dropbox. Now  from the App  in your iDevices you can import photos to the App.

How can I transfer photos exported using free version to paid version?

You can transfer by moving the sub-folders under the free App directory ‘Photo Album – A Smart Organizer’ to paid App directory ‘PhotoAlbum – A Smart Organizer’.


Click here for help on Dropbox.




Frequently Asked Questions!

Questions asked about PhotoAlbum or Photo Album With Photo-Editing(Paid & Free Version).

#1 How to import photos into the Album?

You have to tap the ‘Plus Round Green’ button present on each album(from the main screen) to launch the multiple photos picker,  if you are tapping it for the first time, it will ask for location services be enabled(it’s an iOS requirement and App does not access any location data), say yes and it is will open with photos from Camera Roll. You can start importing 250 at a time, into the Album.

For iOS 6.0

Goto device settings, tap ‘Privacy’ under Privacy tap ‘Photos’ and under photos have this flag Privacy->Photos->App Name-> ON . Now the photos picker from the App will be able to load photos from the library.

For iOS version prior to 6.0

Now let’s say you have tapped ‘No’  to location services, picker would load empty or in some cases might crash. So go to ‘device settings’ and enable the location services for the App, look at this screenshot  to see how to enable location services, after enabling reset the App, look at this screenshot to see how to reset the App from multitasking dock.

After these steps launch the App again, and tap the ‘import round green’ button on the album, now you should be able to import photos into Album.

#2 Is there a way to choose a different transition effect or duration time for the Slideshow?

Yes you can choose up to 12 transition styles or duration time from 2 – 30 secs, in the slide show screen tap the ‘Action Item’ at the bottom right corner of the screen. You will have to upgrade to Pro-Version if you are using free version of the App to continue to use all the transition effects.

#3 How to upgrade to Pro-Version from the free version of the App?

Go to settings screen from the main screen by tapping the ‘Wheel’ toolbar item at the top right corner of the screen. In ‘Settings’ screen  tap the ‘Shopping Cart’ toolbar item at the top right corner of the screen, this will present the store screen, you can upgrade to ‘Pro-Version’ from there. Once upgraded App automatically upgrades itself, however we  recommend to reset the App from ‘Multitasking Dock’ and launch again for a clean start.

#4 How to setup the password?

Tap the ‘Wheel’ toolbar item at the top of the Main Screen, this will take to the ‘Settings’ screen, tapping the ‘Set or Change Password’  button will take to the password setting screen, please look at this screen shot for detailed explanation on how to setup the password in the screen.

#5 I haven’t setup the password yet? What should I do when App prompts for password?

If you haven’t setup the password yet, just tap the ‘Done’ button on the keyboard without entering anything, this will let you access the Album.

#6 How to delete and reorder the photos?

It’s self explanatory in the new version of  the App on how to delete or sort photos


#7 How to share the photos?

Tap the album from the main screen, this will lead to the photos thumbnails screen, tap the ‘Share Photos’ at the bottom of the screen to share photos.

#8 Is it possible to share the slideshow with music?

It is possible to share the slideshow with slideshow recording, for music in the slideshow – use microphone to record external audio.

#9 I forgot the password, will I lose the photos?

Follow the privacy screen instructions in the App, as fail-safe method to reset password or passcode, if you forget them.

#10 How to rename the Album Title or the Album Memo?

To rename the Album, update the description or to mark the Album as private, tap ‘Edit’ at the top left corner of the main screen, and tap the Album you want to rename, and in the next screen, you can update the Album information.Please look at this screenshot for sequence of screens in the App  to update Album information.

#11 How to reorder or delete  the Album ?

Tap  ‘Edit’ at the top left corner of the main screen , in ‘Edit Mode’  you should be able to delete the album by tapping ‘Red Minus’ button or  reorder Albums by dragging the row reorder control(three lines) at the center right corner of each Album.

#12 How do I add music to the slide show?

Please see the instructions in this screenshot on how to add music to the slideshow.

#13 How do I get to the slideshow screen?

You get to the photos screen from main album screen, by tapping the album you want to view. In photos screen, look at #1 help tip in this screenshot, this should get you to the slideshow screen.

#14 Where are the photos stored with this App?

Photos are separately stored in the App, it is not stored in the cloud or stored(linked) in the camera roll.

#15  Can I upload slideshow with music to Facebook?

No, slideshows can only be viewed within the App, besides Facebook does not allow uploading copyrighted music –  using any App.

#16 How to  upload photos to Facebook?

You can upload photos to FB, from photos screen – tap share photos at the bottom of the screen, from there it’s self explanatory. Photos are uploaded with the same Album structure, album memo and photo captions, you can upload 25 photos at a time, App will upload photos to the same Album (synchronize) in FB.

 #17 I can’t view slideshows anymore, what should I do?

If you are still using iOS 4.3,  please upgrade your iOS and this will solve this issue.

#18 If I delete the photos in Camera Roll, will photos be deleted in the App?

No, photos in the App will not be deleted, if you delete the photos in the Camera Roll. After importing photos from Camera Roll to the App, it’s saved in the App and is not linked to the Camera Roll.

#19 Can I batch update caption on multiple photos?

No, you can only update caption for photos one at a time.

#20 How can I upload an Album to Facebook with ‘Only Me’ access to the Album?

You can change the settings for the App from Facebook, login to FB – click the ‘Home’ at the top right corner of your screen, then click the ‘App Center’ at the left side of the screen.

From the App Center screen, look at the bottom left corner of the screen , click ‘Your Apps’ –  it will display list of Apps , change the settings of the ‘Photo Album’ App to  ‘Only Me’  for ‘Posts on your behalf’.

This will make all the uploads from the App, to upload  Albums with this access.

#21 Music for the slideshow stopped playing, what should I do?

This does not happen, but if this happens for some reasons, just reset the App from the multitasking dock, and music will play fine for the slideshow.

#22 If I delete an Album in the App, is there a way to restore it back?

If you had exported or backed up the Album to Dropbox, it is possible to restore the Album from Dropbox, for that you should sync folders from App Settings screen, and go into the Album and import from Dropbox, this will restore the Album back in the App. For more help on this please visit Backup & Restore help.

#23 I have upgraded the free version using In-App purchase, should I have to download the  Paid version of the App to sync my photos?

No, you don’t have to buy it twice. One version of the App is good enough to keep all your devices in Sync. Just download the same version on all of your devices, if it’s a Free version, you can restore the previous purchase from the In-App purchase screen.

#24 How to transfer photos from Free version to Paid version of the App?

You can upgrade the Free version to Pro-Version through In-App purchase, upgrading will remove Ads and limits and can keep all of your photos, this way you don’t have to transfer photos from Free -> Paid version.

But if you have downloaded the Paid version from App Store, and wish to transfer photos from Free version, please follow the steps.

  • Export all the albums in the free version to Dropbox using the options provided in the App.
  • Now from the Paid version of the App, login to Dropbox using the ‘Dropbox Folders Sync’ option in the ‘App Settings’ screen.
  • Using dropbox  desktop App on you computer, login to Dropbox and you will see two directories –

     ‘Photo Album – A Smart Organizer’  for free version, ‘PhotoAlbum – A Smart Organizer’ for paid version.

  • Copy the folders under  ‘Photo Album – A Smart Organizer’  to ‘PhotoAlbum – A Smart Organizer’ in Dropbox.
  • Now from the Paid version of the App on your iDevice, use ‘Dropbox Folders Sync’ option in the ‘App Settings’ screen to import folders.Please read the Sync Help for rest of the information.

#25 How to hide private albums?

You should use ‘Security Options’ from the ‘App Settings’ and turn ‘hide private albums’ ON.  This will hide all the albums marked as Private, you can always edit the Albums and mark it as Private anytime.